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Central Data Acquisition System

Central Data Acquisistion System Image
Model: G-001
Weight: 10 kg
Dimension: 10cm x 23cm x 80cm
Manufacturer: Geo-Integration

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Product Description:

The Central Data Acquisition System (CDAS) is specifically designed to be used in engineering testing laboratories. The system consists of a personal computer for storing and controlling the HP Data Acquisition Unit (Model: 34970A) fitted with at least one (1) 20-channel (Model: 34901A) or 16-channel (Model: 34902A) plug-in multiplexer module. This unit is responsible for collecting signals of sensors or transducers through a series of transducer connection modules. A custom-made software is designed for enhancing the user interface and data management. The system is capable of recording up to 60 channels per data acquisition unit.

Computer Software:
The CDAS software is designed to collect real time data signals from the transducers or sensors via the data acquisition unit, which has the following main features:

Custom Made Transducer Connection Module:
The transducer connection module is used primarily to supply power to the transducers by means of a built-in regulated DC power supply. An AC or DC external power source is required to power the module. The power is regulated to produce a stable 2 volt DC or 5 volt DC or 10 volt DC supply depending on the sensor requirements. Each module is designed to connect up to four (4) sensors with one channel reserved for excitation voltage. The signals of the sensors can also be read manually by an external voltmeter through a push button system.

Types of Sensors and Transducers:
The data acquisition system can accept most strain gauge type transducers as well as thermocouples.