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Geokon manufactures a broad range of high quality geotechnical instruments for monitoring the safety and stability of dams, tunnels, mines, foundations, piles, underground caverns, bridges, excavations, landslides, etc.

About Geokon, Inc.

Geokon, Incorporated is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA and operates on a worldwide basis through a network of agencies. The company was founded in 1979 and currently has over 80 employees.

Over the years, Geokon, Inc. has emerged as The World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technologyâ„¢ due to our quality, responsive customer service and industry-leading designs. Their broad range of geotechnical instrumentation is manufactured at their factory in the USA, by a staff of trained, qualified and experienced machinists and assemblers.

In particular, Geokon, Inc., through innovation and experience, has developed a line of vibrating wire sensors unsurpassed anywhere in the world. These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the growing worldwide acceptance of vibrating wire as the most suitable technology for geotechnical applications.

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